Friday, March 12, 2010

Some of our products

I figured I would show off some of our products!

Here we have our new double layer, extra fluffy tutu! It is available in any color combination and any size starting at $18.50.

This is just an example of our new "tie" shirts! The tie can be done in any color and any pattern! The cost is $10.50 for short sleeve and $12 for long.

Here is an example of our mini korkers. Again, these are available in any color combination and any pattern of ribbon. The mini korkers are sold in sets of 2, which is perfect for piggy tails! They are $6.50 a set.

This is our normal size korker bow. Like the mini ones, they can be made in any color and pattern of ribbon! These range from $4.95 to $5.25 depending on how big and how many korkers you want in the bow. We also have matching headbands to go with any bow for just $1 more.

This is our custom designed cupcake applique shirt! We can make almost any applique you can think of! This particular shirt is $12.

Check us out at K&E Darlin Designs to see more of our products and make your purchase!

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